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  There is a story that an old woman always feels unhappy, because when the sun comes out, she worries about her daughter's business, because the girl sells umbrella. But when it rains, she stills feels unhappy for she worries about her another daugther's business. People tell her to change his point of view, when the it is fine, she can feel happy about her second daughter's business and when it rains, she can be happy about her first daughter's business. In that way, she will be a positive woman every day. We can't change the fact, but we can treat things in another way, so that we can be positive all the time.

英语话题作文400字 篇2

  Dear students,

  As we know, safety is the most important thing in our lives。 So, we should try our best to make sure we are safe。 We mustn’t bring restricted knives or things to our school because these things may cause serious problems。 Do not have a bath in rivers or ponds by ourselves without our parents’ permission。 And, we should be friendly to others so fighting is strongly banned。 Make sure that we should always pay attention to the traffic on our way to school or home。 Furthermore, if we meet some emergency, we must call for help from the police or our teachers。 In a word, following these safeties rules above can make us live in peace。


  Li Hua

英语话题作文400字 篇3

  It’s our duty to protect the environment around us.

  When we go to school, we should ride a bike or take a bus. When we go out for activities, we shouldn’t step on the grass. We can’t draw every where. When we go shopping, we’d better use a cloth bag. At home we can save water and electricity. When we leave a room, we should turn off the lights. At school we can collect waste paper and recycle things, such as bottles, cans and plastic bags. We shouldn’t listen to pop music or spit in public.

  Let’s do something to protect our environment.

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  Hope primary school education career on our contribution, helped some family conditions poor which could not read the child of reading book, let them also to other children as a happy in the same year. The reason for it is desolate lack of planning and forecasting, social development and change of the causes of! I think, the country should take advantage of these hope primary school, let more children read petitioned!



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  Many things around us can affect our feelings and moods. I like listening to music. When I am happy, loud rock music makes me more excited and active. But when I am unhappy, loud music makes me feel bored and angry.

  Colors can affect my feelings a lot. Different colors change my feelings. When I feel sad. I usually put on bright-colored clothes, such as light green, red,yellow or orange. They will make me feel happier soon. And I remember not to wear dark colored clothes when I feel sad.



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  The Great Wall, the longest wall in the world, is one of thegreatest architectures in ancient China. The structure which wasbuilt in a time when countries were at war, once served as abarrier to keep out invading enemies. It remains a mystery howpeople built the Great Wall without the help of any high technologytwo thousand years ago. But there is no doubt that the Great Wall,with rich history and magnificent appearance, attracts a greatnumber of tourists, scientists and historians every year. Allvisitors think highly of the wisdom of ancient Chinese.


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